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The European RCE Meeting 2016 (#RCELondon2016) will take place at London South Bank University (LSBU) on 23-24 June 2016.


In this two-day event hosted by the London Regional Centre of Expertise (RCE) on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and LSBU, participants will focus on finding synergies in the European RCE community and on tackling thematic challenges under the current policy frameworks COP21, SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and TTIP. They will also aim to identify within the GAP (Global Action Programme on ESD) key priority areas in which RCEs can collaborate.


Day Two will centre around Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and migration issues. With a focus on GAP Priority Action Area 5, i.e. accelerating sustainable solutions at local level, a plan from the RCE perspective will be drawn for encouraging local communities and municipal authorities to develop community-based ESD programmes.


The programme of the event, which will open with a welcome and introduction to London RCE and London Southbank University Professor Pat Bailey (Deputy Vice Chancellor and Sustainability lead at LSBU), will feature a number of speakers, including:

  • Dr Hugh Atkinson (Schumacher Institute of Sustainable Solutions)
  • Hilary Jennings (Transition Town Movement)
  • Dr Glenn Strachan (LSBU)
  • Dr Deborah Andrews (LSBU)
  • Alia Azoubhy (Humanities Education Centre)
  • Professor Gaim Kibreab (LSBU)
  • Dr Pinar Guner


Members of European RCEs as well as anyone interested in becoming an RCE in Europe is also welcome to attend this meeting.


To view/ download Agenda, please click Agenda for European RCE meeting 2016


For free registration, please visit



  • Coordination of notes and report: Professor Ros Wade and Lynn Vickery (LSBU)
  • Vox pops video clips and photos: Dr Jaya Gajparia
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